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What's missing in SSC's product line-up??  First Aid Kits!  That's what.  

Kits where you buy your choice of SSC's First Aid Ointments & then you add your own "personal" items = > Personalized!  It's that easy to have a light weight & portable, handy, all-in-one, 1st aid kits with the essentials for any & all minor emergencies.  

Put one in your purse, backpack, medicine cabinet & have ready for those summer time adventures.


This oblong tin style kit is approximately 3.75 x 2.25 x 1" & holds a small tin of Ancient Tree-sap Salve or Sunny SunShine Salve, bandages & other small personal items.  Photo on the lid varies (there are five themes) & are of landscapes taken here in Wallowa County, Oregon.

First Aid Tins

SKU: 675983120856
  • An excellent way to keep a few bandages on-hand & in one place, in-the-ready - for those minor accidents.  These tins come with various photos from Wallowa County, OR on the top.  They hold one 1/2 ounce sized tin of ATS or one 1 ounce sized tin of Sunny SunShine Salve.  They can also be used as tricket boxes or for fishing flies or for sewing items.  For yourself or as a gift.  Enjoy!

    Note that in the future you will be able pick which photo you'd like.  But currently, I'm creating this whole website myself & it's been a long process/huge learning curve :)

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