ATS is a "must have" first aid ointment for every household, purse, car, medicine cabinet, backpack & adventure.  It can literally save you & your loved ones (human & animal) from unnecessary discomfort & infection.  Put a dollap of ATS onto appropriately sized bandage, put bandage onto the minor skin wound or problem & you are set.  Now go out & play!  Repeat several times per day, as needed & definately at night.  Instant relief, you can feel the 'tingling' sensation as it is going to work fighting the bacteria & foreign matter.  Swelling reduced.  Discomfort subsides.  Less scarring.  Quicker & safer recovery.  You must use this topical medicinal ATS for it to go to work for you.  Apply as needed which usually means several times the first few days, depending on the first aid problem & definately at night.  


Please see the Use & Usefulness page.  This salve literally is the only first aid ointment you need to have on-hand for any kind for minor topical skin wounds.


All-natural.  All-purpose.  Biodegradable - won't hurt the ocean, rivers or streams.  No man-made chemicals of any kind.  Just 'old-fashioned' well tested First Aid Care.


PS:  This ointment is great for dry & cracked hands/fingers/feet.  Oversized Cotton Gloves are available for your use.  Just apply liberal amount of Ancient Tree-sap Salve & then the cotton gloves at night for a few nights & see what happens.  For feet use oversized cotton socks.  The gloves & socks also help to keep the bed sheets clean. 


Spot Test Before Use

Ancient Tree-sap Salve (ATS)

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