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Wholesale           Bulk/White Label

Self-care.    Natural-care.    Well-being.    

Less pain.    Less infection.    Complete healing.    Safe for all beings - human & animal.

Ancient Tree-sap Salve

Suggested Use

This IS the Only First Aid Ointment you need.  I am not being conceited.

ATS is the only thing I have needed to use for minor skin wounds.  For myself, for my children & livestock.  I even have used ATS on my fruit trees when they get torn up by severe winds and deer (damn deer!!).

The list is long but I'll try:  mild/minor burns & steam burns - this is what this salve recipe is known for, I suggest that you just have too get the heat out of the minor burn first by running the effect area under luke warm to coolish soft running water, dry and apply salve liberally, repeatedly = relief from the pain, faster healing & less scarring - cuts, scrapes, slivers, rash, bug bites, sting ray stings, bee stings, mosquito bites, no-se-em bites, are you getting the picture here?!  Bruises, eczema, psoriasis, mesas/staph infections, smashed thumb & not getting any sleep, apply ATS onto bandage & put the bandage onto the thumb, 45 seconds later & you are free of the throbbing, itching skin, dry skin, cracked heels/elbows/feet/cuticles (use with oversized cotton gloves from SSC of course! and/or socks, you'll amazed in the morning.  Splinters, reef/coral/lava cuts/scraps/gouges & rash plus chapped skin.

No reason to have reddish, infected, swollen and/or painful minor skin wound.  Apply ATS & take care of yourself.

Stimulates circulation to ease the discomfort.

Brings oxygen to all the layers of skin.  helps reduce scarring.

Immediately attacks bacteria and foreign matter.

Excellent medication for animals as well.  They get minor skin wounds just like we do.  here's your chance to make a conscientious decision to treat your animal loves nicely and save them from chemical pollution.

Sacred Salve Company cares about your wellbeing of all of our customers.

All five natural ingredient in Ancient Tree-sap Salve by Sacred Salve Company first aid ointment

SSC's Personal Self-Care Ointment

Ancient Tree-sap Salve
Sunny SunShine Salve

Offer to & Help Your Clients to have & to keep these salves

on hand & easy to find.


Wholesale Accounts

For everyday injuries.

Giving people confidence that they should & can heal themselves & others completely & quickly, by using elements sourced directly from Mother Earth is what SSC is all about.  Working as the producer, marketer & retailer of these must-have readily available health care products is fun & fulfilling.  I'm a natural at staying on top of quickly filling orders with my high quality, unique, handmade one-batch at a time salves.  Sending orders out along with literature, "testers", first aid kits and/or water bottles plus

sharing my knowledge of healing love/love of healing fulfills the

cycle of being healthy.  


Sharing the enjoyment of helping ourselves, others & literally all other beings - animals/pet/livestock/show animals while also saving our Mother Earth from toxic chemicals & pollutants is what SSC offers

you & your clients.










Engaging with vendors & offering them the BEST One-of-a-Kind

Pure Tree-sap Salves that are amazing, reliable & based on ancient 

age-old recipes is the mission of SSC.

SSC's products are currently being offered in various shops in Oregon, Washington, Idaho & California.  There's no reason

to be leaving the other wonderful states and/or retail

stores out of the picture.....


Healing.  Relief.  For minor skin wounds & skin problems.  Natural.  Reliable.  "Tried & True".  Been in use for centuries

if not eons by Indigenous People around the world.  

SSC was founded on the Ancient Tree-sap Salve (ATS) recipe,

formerly known as Ancient Healing Salve.  

An authentic Tribal first aid recipe that has 5 earth-based elements

or ingredients.  SSC has grown to include the pure Cottonwood (CTN) recipe - 3 earth-based ingredients.  Did you know that Cottonwood bud salve is one of the oldest salves known to man = Balm of Gilead.  There's Sunny SunShine Salve with 500mg of locally grown organic CBD Isolate (S4)**.  CBD Isolate speaks for itself as far as helping to relieve discomfort & pain.  There's tons of info & literature online to learn more.  

S4 with 500 mg of CBD Isolate is a high impact salve.  

SSC also offers quality green aluminum alpine 26-ounce water bottles with SSC logo & info on them as everyone needs to drink more water & to stop using plastic!  SSC also offers two styles of "personalizable",

yes "personalizable" First Aid Kits.  

A small tote-style with carabiner for on the go folks.  It comes in red or lime green & has company info printed on the front.  And oblong tin-style kits for your medicine cabinet, car or purse.  These 'kits' have room for your clients to purchase the smaller sized tins of SSC salve plus add few 'personal' essentials.  Additionally, several retail clients are placing their own company's business logo stickers on the water bottles & totes

 = dual advertisement of both our company's.  SSC also offers 'personalizable' tins where you send me your photo(s) and/or write-up,

I print & apply the labels & walla!  Business tins or gift tins or promo t

ins that can be used for trinkets or souvenirs or whatever!!

All SSC items come with their own SKU's.

SSC is always looking to expand & to help more people learn that they can heal themselves & loved ones reliable, quickly, completely & with less scarring while handling & reducing infection & pain.

SSC/lnprice is proud of this simple product line.  

SSC products have Never been tested by the FDA

nor on animals.

SSC products are free of chemicals/pollutants/preservatives/anything artificial & and are naturally biodegradable.  Thus they are safe for our

bodies of all kinds, human or ocean.

**  S4 = Sold & Shipped to states where it is legal to do so **

Lynne Sacred Salve Company
Sacred Salve Company salve lineup reliable first aid ontments
Ancient Tree-sap Salve Sunny SunnyShine Salve Cottonwood Salve by Sacred Salve Company natural reliable first aid ointments
SSC water bottle and salves first aid ointments
Filled tins of Ancient Tree-sap Salve Sacred Salve Company hand crafted first aid ointments

Bulk/White Label Acct

A "must-have" item for your clients

SSC offers superb care in producing

100% natural topical Personal-Care Ointments 

for White Label resale opportunities.  

Helping other companies promote personal self-care & healing is what SSC is all about.  Helping other companies brand my salves with their information & offering it to their clients is comfortable & easy.  The more people we reach

the happier & healthier we will all be.  Offering First Aid Ointments to clients that get sunburned, minor skin wounds, reef/coral/lava cuts & rash is a must.  Lodges who have clients that get mosquito & bug bites - here's your chance to offer soothing relief to your clients & let them relax & enjoy the rest of their stay.  Having SSC's first Aid Ointments on havd for everyday minor cute & scrapes is a good & helpful idea.  There are so many applications for this White Label/Bulk offering.  Outdoor stores, surf shops, climbing/cyle shops can brand this salve & offer it for resale which helps to educate even the toughest outdoor enthusiast that it's "OK" to apply a dollap of salve on a bandage & put the bandage onto a wound/blister/rash/etc.  The possibilities are endless.  

Your brand identity coupled with my reliable & ancient recipes & salves or product line is a win-win situation.  And my salves are biodegradable - eco-friendly & safe for all environments.  And most importantly,

I'm easy to work with!

  • Surf Shops!!! - truly  a must have for your surfing/snorkeling customers.  You already know all about reef/coral/lava wounds & the infections they create!  Think sunburn!  Bug bites!  More importantly - think about the Health of the Ocean in regards to chemical pollution from non-natural chemical based products!  All SSC's products are chemical & preservative free.  They are biodegradable!

  • Climbing/Biking/Cycle/Mt. Bike shops - think scraps, abrasions, road rash, crashes & lingering pain/discomfort, torn muscles and such.

  • Holistic/Wholistic Wellness Centers & Naturopaths, Alternative Medicine, Herbal Medicine, Practitioners' - arthritis, inflammation, post-surgery, deep tissue pain/discomfort, chronic pain, eczema, psoriasis, staph infection, fugal infections, the list goes on & on.

  • Veterinary/Animal Hospitals & clients - SSC products are excellent medicine for our beloved animal friends!  These salves are anti-bacterial/fugal/microbial and they attack infection & reduce swelling/discomfort.

  • Lodges/Retreats/Resorts/Hotels - think about those suffering clients, from mosquito & bug bites, sunburn & minor everyday accidents & skin wounds.  Even paper cuts!  Having a natural soothing first aid product on-hand & available plus salable to your clients is a great idea & kind gesture.

  • Kayaking/White/Water/Rafting/Boating/Fishing/ Adventure Shops - this is a most important avenue for protecting our waterways from harsh & harmful cheicals & pollution.  Here is your chance to make a difference by helping your clients to keep our waterways clean, clear & functioning biologically by offering a topical first aid ointment that is completely natural, biodegradable & yet powerful & reliable.  A must-have in all your first aid kit that's stuffed in your dry bags.  Set a president, show clients that you can heal and not pollute by having these salves for sale in your boat house shops!

  • Mercantiles/Gift Shops - fits in with the hand-made, unique & useful impulse buy sales.

  • Native American shops - Ancient Tree-sap Salve Is An Authentic Tribal Recipe... tree-sap has been in use as a First Medicine & remedy since the beginning of time...

  • Outdoor/Recreation/Athletic Shops - a great offering to have in your shop.  SSC's pure & natural ointments is a perfect fit for your clients!

  • AirBnb/short-term rental - this is a no-brainer!  Make your clients happy, be a super host, get the good ratings.  I run an AirBnb and I sell a lot of salve to guests who are so thankful!

There are three ways to go about this.

1st = Buy in Bulk

  • Choose & Purchase the salve(s) of your choice in bulk.  It will come in an 8 cup plastic container.  It gets shipped to you.  Then you carefully reheat the bulk salve & fill your own containers.  Tins are best or small mylar ziplock baggie.  Finish out your product by adding labels of your choice.  This gives you a personalized & presentable business sale and/or promo product.  You can use my product literature as a guideline for your own promotion material. Bam!  You've got a give-away gift or resale item available for your clients.  This can be a really fun thing, promoting your store/shop/resort/retreat by offering a reliable, proven, & wonderful self-care product.  This is my preferred White Label method & the most cost effective for you.


2nd = Unlabeled Tins

  • Just choose of salve(s) & tin size of your choice.  Then apply your own labels & then get them out on your shelf.  This is a bit cheaper than wholesale prices.  Obviously as your are providing your own labor & labels.  You can use my literature as a guideline for your own promo materials.


3rd = Your Containers, Your Labels, Your Way

  • Full Production by SSC.  You provide me with your own containers & labels.  I produce the salves, fill your containers, label them if need be & whalaa!  Finished marketable product.  This gives you a fully marketable product that represents you & your business.  A salable or promotional or give-away personalized item.

Having your branding/business logo & information on these tins of salves is an affordable way to help your clients & to promote your business.  There's a few details to work out with this White Label situation, it's not difficult.  Quotes are available.  Please note that once the product is shipped & received, they become your sole responsibility.  You are then responsible for quality control.  For keeping the product cool & dry, a very important thing as there are no preservatives in these salve.  You must use my literature information about the salve(s) to keep the information accurate.  You may create your own promo material own as long as it reflects accurately the information about the salves, their usefulness, ingredient, history & such.  


We can work together to help others by offering a reliable

soothing ointments.  

Send me an email and we'll go from there.

filled and empty tins of Ancient Tree-sap Salve by Sacred Salve Company
Lynne of Sacred Salve Company
Lynne and Sacred Salve Company
Lynne Sacred Salve Company reliable first aid ointment
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