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SSC & lnprice is interested in helping others by offering

sponsorship to those who are

active & willing to promote SSC's product line.

If you or your team are active & outdoorsy, competitive, non-competite and/or competing, get a hold of me.  Accidents happen.  Minor skin wounds of all kinds plus the discomfort & infection that goes along with them can be addressed simply & completely.  

By putting a dollop of SSC's  salves onto the affected area, infection - pain - soreness & discomfort disappears as the salves go to work immediately, attacking foreign matter.  Which keeps you in the game, in the garden, on the board, trail, wall or on a bike.  Without polluting the environment.

Just send me an email.  Tell me your story, how & why you would use the SSC Products -the salves, first aid kits & water bottles.  

By working together we can forge ahead, stay active & healthy, protect the earth & water environments, spread the word & help others to connect to living a healthier, cleaner & active life.

Check out the rest of my website, especially the products that I offer & see if it is a good fit for you.

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