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Medium, Large & Extra Large size options.  Please order one size larger for comfort.  


Cotton Gloves, very useful & important.  Apply SSC salve of your choice topically to cracked, sore, splitting, dry hands & cuticles, at night.  Put on a pair of oversized cotton gloves & let the salve work its' magic.  Relief.  Site specific topical moisturizing can happen when you do this routine nightly of salve & gloves.  Repeat for a night or two &....  wonderful healing things can happen.  Also - for cracked heels & feet, apply the SSC salve of your choice & put on oversized cotton socks.  Viola!!


Can only be purchased when placing an order, thanks.


Cotton gloves also helps to protect your bedsheets & such.


I haven't yet figured out how to do this with cracked skin on your elbows.......!

Cotton Gloves

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  • Cotton Gloves, reusable & washable.  

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