Cottonwood is one of the oldest known salves to mankind.  My Cottonwood (CTN) salve is patterned after the ancient recipe for Balm of Giilead.  This topical first aid ointment is for deep tissue issues.  Keep on-hand for everyday muscle strains, arthritis, inflammation, swelling, sprains/strains, brusing & post-surgery situations.  A must have in every household, purse, car, work, medicine cabinet, backpack & for every days' adventure.  


Just rub a dollap of CTN into the affected & sore area 2 to 3 times a day & definately at night.  Tends to help relieve pain & swelling as it has been know to do for eons.  Apply as needed, throughout the day & night.


Spot Test Before Use.

Cottonwood (CTN)

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  • Crafted by hand, one batch at a time.  The Cottonwood Buds are wild harvested every spring from the Little Sheep Creek area from Beaver & wind fallen branches/trees.  The buds are then soaked for 6-9 months in a vat of olive oil.  When it is time to whip up the annual bath of CTN in the Fall the batch is warmed up and simmered until all the resin is pulled out of the buds.  It is then strained several times & a bit of beeswax is added.

    Three simple & pure ingredients, natural & organic as can be.

    Works wonderfully on deep tissue issues.  A must have on hand First Aid Ointment that for eveyday mishaps, muscle/body over use & long term chronic pain.  See Use & Usefulness page.

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Avoid eye contact.          Topical use only.          Keep cool & dry.          Spot Test Before Use          External use only.