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SSC's bright herbal Sunny SunShine Salve (s4) has locally grown organic CBD Isolate in each tin.  A great choice for deep tissue issues.  A must have on-hand item for everyday use on aches & pains, discomfort, sprains, chronic pain & such. A little S4 goes a long ways, just rub a dollap topically onto the affected area, several times a day & especially at night.


Spot Test Before Use.      

** Only sold & shipped in USA and to states where it is legal to do so.

Sunny SunShine Salve, 250 mg CBD Isolate **

SKU: 675983120870
  • Handcrafted, one batch at a time.  This is SSC's only herbal salve, self designed by lnprice.  The herbs in this recipe speak for themselves & are well known.  See Ingredients page.  

    Add 500 mg of CBD isolate & you've got one strong medicine.  There is plenty of information about the benefits of using CBD Isolate on the internet.  And there are plenty of CBD products out there on the market.  

    Currently as far as i know, no one is using the blend of herbs that are used in this S4 herbal deep tissue issue product.  See <Use & Usefulness> page.

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