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What's missing in SSC's product line-up??  First Aid Kits!  That's what.  Kits where you buy your choice of small sized tins of SSC's first aid ointments & then add your own "personal' items = "Personalized!  It's that easy to have light weight & portable, handy all-in-one 1st aid kits with the essentials for any & all minor skin problems & have ready for those summer adventures.


This Tote style kit is approximately 3.75 x 6" with a sturdy zipper & carabiner & a bandage holder with bandages.  Just the thing you need to get you ready started.  To get you busy.  To get you outside.  Also makes a great gift for yourself & your loved ones.


Comes in a lime green or red color.  Everyone's monitors show different color skemes.


Note:  Wholesale stores, white label & sponsorships = you can add your company's logo/info stickers easily to this product, to the back side = dual advertisement.

Totes for keeping all your needed items in one place

SKU: 675983120894
Tote Color
  • Shipping. What?!

    Here's how its going to work.  I cover the shipping & handling costs!  Why?!  Because it is more important to do what I can to help out our Sacred Earth, our environment & our bodies to stay as healthy as possible & pollution free.  Because the more folks that I reach the happier we will all be.  Because Sacred Salve Company is turning a decade old on January 1st, 2020 and for now, SSC will asborb the shipping costs.

    Applies to the Continental USA only.

  • The information within this website, on all the pages is not/are not intended to assess, diagnose, prescribe, or promise a cure of any type.  Its' intent is to be purely educational and helpful. If suffering or ill, consult/contact a professional licensed healthcare provider.  If pregnant, consult your primary care physician.

    ​Avoid eye contact.          Topical use only.          Keep cool & dry.          

    Spot Test Before Use          External use only.

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